Freelance Productions

Most of my work experience in the videography realm has been freelance productions. I have worked with partners on certain projects, but definitely don’t mind backpacking it myself with the trusty T3i. Here are a few projects I’ve worked on for clients and friends alike.

Misunderstood – Ellia Fall
Client: Eddie Buchanan & Co.
A pretty fun project in collaboration with Eddie Buchanan & Co. Eddie’s niece Autumn (Ellia Fall) wrote the music and lyrics, and Eddie helped direct the band while I filmed with my camera assistant and Eddie’s sister, Milly Naeger. The story elements were shot in St. Genevieve by Eddie and myself. I wrapped it all up by editing the video and titles.

Live At Picasso’s Album Promo
Client: Eddie Buchanan & Co.
Starting with the filming of Eddie’s live album recording, we both came up with the idea to do a series of promotional videos to let people know what Eddie Buchanan & Company is all about. I produced, directed, shot, and edited this video myself. The soundbites are taken from an interview with Eddie, which I like because they’re real answers. That’s really Eddie in the video, not just words from a script.

Mid-America Chevy Summer Promotions 2013
Client: Mid-America Chevy Dealers
This job is still underway, but I produced, directed, and shot video at Chevy-promoted events around St. Louis with the help of Adrien Hardy and Alan Crook. The final video will be edited after our last shoot on July 3rd. They did use some of my footage from Pointfest and Bluesweek to make a promotional video for their facebook page. Here is a link to the video: #1 in St. Louis

Audition Tape for “The New FOX Sports Midwest Girl”
Client: Stephanie Hale
This video wasn’t such a big project, but it was definitely a fun one. Stephanie was really great to work with, and I’m definitely proud of her for making it into the top 10 of the competition. Stephanie wrote and produced it while I directed, shot, and edited it.

Board-Up Services
Client: Woodard Cleaning & Restoration
Working with Woodard wasn’t technically a freelance job, but it was handled like one. I did work when they had some a video for me to do, and didn’t get paid when I didn’t have work to do. This Board-Up Services video was my skills test for getting the position, but I still liked it. I didn’t shoot any video for it, but worked with photos, motion graphics, and a voice over to make a comprehensible promotion of Woodard’s post-fire board up services.

PREP Program Promo
Client: Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

This was the only promotional piece I did for Woodard during my time there. The interview was the first shoot I did with my T3i, which I thought turned out pretty well, except for the stiff performance. I produced the video in cooperation with Woodard’s marketing department, then wrote a voice over script as well as a list of questions to ask one of Woodard’s customers for a testimonial. Now, the stiff performance in the testimonial came from her reading from a scripted response. I would have preferred to interview her for the soundbites, but the client gets what the client wants.


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