SKIRMISH Trailer #1

WINNER: Lindy Award for Best Commercial/Promo/PSA

After a semester’s worth of filming, here’s the first trailer for my Star Wars fan film, SKIRMISH. This was my first big… er, well… full rotoscoping After Effects project. This really boosted both my confidence in my own abilities and my respect for all the motion graphic effects artists out there working on all these blockbuster movies.

It took me nearly 25 hours to complete rotoscoping on all these shots, and the final movie will have about 15x more. It’s going to be one Hell of a summer editing this.

Heather Bertram as Caroline Winter
Stephanie Mundwiller as Helena Gray
Tracy Luley as Michelle Valentine
Steve Heineman as Steven Sheppard
Elin Sigurdson as Olivia
Seth York as Commander Strecker
Steve Kornfeld as Liam


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