Diary of a Brewery

Tucked away in a corner of Cottleville, MO is a relatively new little brewery known simply as Exit 6. The owner, Jeff Britton, is a firm believer of “No Compromise Brewing” which he says is his whole bar’s philosophy. The phrase “No Crap on Tap” can be seen all over the bar, meaning that Jeff will not serve any kind of major brew (like Budweiser or Miller).

In this short video, he gives us an overview of what led him to starting this brewery and what he hopes to accomplish with it. Working over a hundred hours a week seems like nothing to Jeff because he absolutely loves what he does and the people he gets to enjoy it with. All of his hard work, one of his special brews, and even the bar’s name are inspired by his daughter, Ryane.

“I keep telling myself, if I put in the blood, the sweat, and the tears and make this place successful, then she’ll have something when she’s old enough… I hope to one day give her this business and let her run it.” Britton said.

Produced and directed by: Erin Ellerbrock

Shot and edited by: Steve Heineman


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