Check Me Out

If you’re only here to see my marketable skills, I’ll break it down for you…

Very Proficient in:
Photography – quick, on-the-go shooting; photojournalism; Photoshop editing
Video Pre-Production – treatment and script writing, talent and equipment gathering, location scouting
Video Production – directing, shooting (studio and location: HD cameras, DSLR, RED, GoPro), lighting (both studio and location)
Video Post-Production – editing (Adobe Premier Pro, AVID Media Composer), motion graphics  and special effects (Adobe After Effects), DVD/Blu-ray authoring (Adobe Encore)
Graphic Design – poster and promotional image design (Photoshop, Illustrator), page layout design (InDesign), logo design (Illustrator)

Somewhat Proficient in:
Web Design – web layout design and development (Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, etc.)
Animation – actual character design and simple animation (Cinema 4D, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects)
Audio Production – recording, mixing, and editing any kind of audio (Adobe Audition)

And if you want to know more about me and my philosophies on my work…

I am the definition of an “idea guy”. For every one project I actually complete, I have a dozen more ideas that I either have to let go or jot down somewhere for use later. My mind is constantly churning, asking the question “what if?” a million times a minute. I’m currently working as a videographer and editor, but I have a much broader range of skills in multimedia production.

My undergraduate degree at Lindenwood University gave me the skills to be a proficient graphic designer, web designer and editor, and photographer. Studying Communications as a graduate student allowed me to employ all of those skills in video production, which I found to be my favorite media to work in. Telling a story in an artistic visual medium is something I’ve wanted to do since I saw grand adventure movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones for the first time.

When I work on any kind of project, two questions are always at the top of my mind… Is it entertaining? And is it easy to understand? The reason I ask “is it entertaining?” first is that I’ve come to realize that no matter what your subject matter is… whether it’s a feature film about a dog that gets lost in the woods or an online video promoting a product or service… If it’s not entertaining, people will stop paying attention almost immediately. Easy to understand is a given, because the information or message has to be conveyed either way. Sending that message is the goal of the whole project, so it is very important that the viewers understand it.

Below is my demo reel from Lindenwood University.


One comment on “Check Me Out

  1. Hi there, Steve! I am a huge fan of your work, and was interested in a cosplay photoshoot! Contact me at your earliest convenience!

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