Video Productions

Photography and videography have both been a passion of mine since I was young… I enjoy the process of picking an interesting subject matter, framing up the shots, and then editing them to make them look better than real life. Whether it’s catching a great moment in an action or sports oriented setting or getting a glimpse of the sun reflecting off of water or a car, I just love making something look good. I try to make my work reflect how much I enjoy capturing a moment.

I primarily worked with AVID Media Composer throughout my college career, producing and editing shows for LUTV. I was heavily involved with LUTV NEWS and REEL TALK. Reel Talk is a talk show originally created by Lindenwood graduates Malcolm Jason and Brett Figus. When Brett left LUTV in 2011, the show was abandoned. I picked it up in the fall of 2011, writing, producing, and hosting the show along with Steve Kornfeld and Brittany Velasco, fellow Lindenwood students. I’m still currently in charge of Reel Talk, but our episodes are released much more sporadically because of busy work and school schedules.

As of now, my biggest project is SKIRMISH. It’s a Star Wars-based fan film, involving two Jedi that come to Earth to find students. It is also the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. My last attempt at a Star Wars fan film never made it past the lightsaber fight. This one is much more involved as far as story line goes. I wrote it myself, and after the whirlwind crapstorm that is the editing process, it has undergone a lot of changes throughout filming (mostly due to locations). I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer.

I also work on a lot of side projects like short documentaries and random pieces that my friends work on. Didgeridudes and Diary of a Brewery are examples of that. I also contributed to Mike Gualdoni’s Dignity Harbor, which was recently shown at the Tivoli as part of the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase.

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel: SteveHeineman


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